I work primarily with two types of stone: Alabaster for its ease of workablity and its

translucency, and Limestone for its consistency and lack of crystalline structure. This

last characteristic allows me to work quickly and with force since the stone will not

"bruise" as will marble or alabaster.


What inspires me to produce a new piece is geometry. The interplay of polyhedrons

in space is what interests me most. In procedural terms, my process is active and

fluid at its beginning, an intuitive enterprise that is part my input, part the

stone's. The refining and finishing phases are more quiet and meditative, yielding

finally, a work that is quietly satisfying to see and to touch.


My work in metal is more or less in the tradition of the Constructivists of the early

20th Century. I think their work, using industrial materials, meshes well with my world

view. It is a kind of machine aesthetic imbued with, I hope, an enigmatic quality. I see

the riveted and painted pieces as a metaphor for the mechanical nature of the 20th

century. Note: this section of my website is currenly under construction.